Better Experiences
Explore La Romana and make sure to take your tourist backpack in order to fill it with unforgeable experiences! La romana offers its national and international visitors the most impressive eco-adventures – establishing direct contact with natural reserves such as the Eastern National Park, wild life, country sides and traditional Dominican communities.
The best places to visit
La Romana, with out a doubt is the destination that has the largest amount of attractions in the Dominican Republic; Would you like to discover an earthly paradise? Isla Saona, without a doubt it is! To know our history through our ancestors: The Altos de Chavon regional Archeological Museum and the Juan Ponce de Leon Museum in San Rafael de Yuma, or it’s possible to explore another world underground: Las Maravillas Cave. We know that choosing from so many options won’t be easy, but thinking about it too much is not an option. Just start your journey! Explore La Romana.
How to get here

Getting here is easy and you won’t want to leave.

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