Dominican cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Taíno, and African elements with a dash of Middle Eastern influence; it reflects the country’s history, culture, and traditions. Recipes include texture, spices, and sauces that create beautiful meals. Every dish is made with heart and soul and seasoned with flavors from around the world. In La Romana, you’re never too far from a local restaurant with friendly service and a menu of options. Uncover the flavors of the Dominican Republic — here are the top 10 things to eat in La Romana.


A tostone is a salty, twice-fried plantain that’s extra crispy around the edges. (Think, French fries, but better.) Firm, green plantains are cut into thick slices, which are then fried until soft, smashed into a thin pancake, and fried again. You can find this snack all around the Dominican, from fine dining restaurants to small food trucks. Search the menus for tostones or fritos verde. It’s the perfect snack to accompany a day at the beach or onboard a catamaran charter. 


Sancocho is a typical dish that’s served at restaurants around La Romana. It’s a thick stew made with beef, chicken, and starchy root vegetables (potatoes, yam, yuca) served with white rice and sliced avocado. To up the ante, some regions of the Dominican cook sancocho with up to seven types of meat including smoked pork, goat, and sausage! The stew simmers the herbs, meats, and vegetables for hours to produce one delicious La Romana dish. Psst, we heard it’s a hangover cure, possibly after too many mamajuanas.


Traditionally (and, technically speaking), mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish. But we love the flavors from our Caribbean neighbors and serve it here in the Dominican Republic! When you slide up to a hearty lunch in La Romana, try mofongo — a tasty blend of smashed plantains, pork or chicken, mixed with garlic and seasoning and served with beef broth for an extra punch of flavor. It’s served in somewhat of a flavorful jumble. Mofongo is filling dish that will have you rolling out of lunch and to the nearest lounge chair for a dreamy siesta. 

Dulce de Coco

Dominicans love sweet desserts, which slices through all the savory foods. Dulce con Coco is a creamy, fudgy, delicious treat made with molasses and coconut shavings (from native trees!). It’s not exactly ice cream, but it is a cold treat that’s perfect for a smoldering hot day at the beach… transporting you to a sweet paradise.

La Bandera Dominicana

Be sure to dig into the national dish of the Dominican Republic — la bandera dominicana! This traditional dish is served as a hearty plate of rice, red beans, stewed meat or chicken, salad, and tostones. Best enjoyed during lunch to fuel the rest of your day in La Romana!

Chivo (Goat)

Carne de chivo guisado picante (spicy goat meat stew) is a recipe from the mountain regions of the Dominican Republic. If you spot any type of goat on the menu of a La Romana restaurant… order it! Goat meat is popular throughout the Caribbean and even considered a special treat among locals. Goat stew is hearty, tender, and packed with flavorful. You may even gain a new recipe to cook at home!


Cool off with a smooth and creamy batida (milkshake) in La Romana. These sweet, often fruity drinks are available all-around town and are especially popular with vendors along the beach. Try local fruit flavors, such as papaya, mango, passionfruit, guava, or cherry! Don’t slurp too fast… brain freeze!  

 Pica Pollo

Three words: Dominican. Fried. Chicken. Oh yeah. Pica Pollo is a hot, crispy, spicy, juicy, and crunchy meal, best served with a splash of lemon and Dominican oregano. You can find this meal all around La Romana, from street vendors to local restaurants.

Pescado con Coco

Fresh seafood is especially popular along the coastal towns of the Dominican Republic. If you’re in a restaurant and see pescado con coco (coconut fish) on the menu, try it! Fresh fish is pouched in creamy coconut milk with added spices and seasonings to bring the dish together. It combines sweet and savory and is perfect for lunch or dinner in La Romana.


A classic Dominican breakfast will energize you for the whole day! Mangu is served in the morning and made with dense green plantains that are boiled and mashed, then served with eggs, fried cheese, and salami or sausage. Sure, it’s a hearty meal, but you need all the energy you can muster for a day full of adventure in La Romana! Psst, order with Dominican coffee to really kick your day into high gear. 

Bite into a crispy tastone. Savor the flavors of sancocho. Sip a Dominican coffee with ease. Let go of what’s for dinner and just…Go with the flow. Discover more food in La Romana.